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Featured Pet:  LEO


SENA Animal Rescue is a non-profit, all volunteer organization. We do not have a facility at this time and we have been working hard to raise funds and build SENA's sanctuary. Our mission is to build SENA's sanctuary, although - in the meantime - we are helping as many homeless cats and dogs as we can, helping finding these deserving pets find owners  who will love and care for these very special homeless pets for life. We strongly believe that in unity and alliance with local shelters, Humane Societies, rescue groups and people like you, we CAN provide a second chance at happiness for the forgotten pets.

Mission Statement:
Our mission is to build SENA's condominium style sanctuary where every animal will be staying in the comfort and care of SENA's sanctuary until a loving home is found. Read more....

Leo is 3 months old and is a special needs kitty who requires patience and consistency with physical therapy.  Leo has difficulty walking, due to injured hind legs, but is making major improvements day by day!  He is working on litter box training and is doing very well.  Leo is currently in a foster home with other cats and dogs so he is very socialized!  Leo has no idea he is impaired and is VERY playful and is such a fighter!  Leo needs an owner who will give him lots of love and who will match his determination.

SENA Animal Rescue

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By fostering for a short time,  you will give a homeless pet a home, the love and care they deserve while they are waiting for their forever family. There are many animals in need and you can be an important  part of their second chance at happiness and allows us to help more homeless pets by taking more in.

Would you be an angel to a homeless pet in need?
We will provide everything!! Call us for more information on how it works.